Architecture and Interior Designers

Exp: 2 – 3 yrs

Location: Delhi-NCR

Job Description:

  • Qualified Architects with good command of Revit or Vectorworks.
  • Training architects and designers for Revit and Vectorworks.
  • Training the architects and designers.
  • Doing research on Revit, Vectorworks to develop a better system of working.
  • Working on projects in spare time.

Skills Required:

  1. Command over Revit and Vector works such that they can model the complete building including elements such as Classical elevation features, classical columns, moldings etc.
  2. Should have a practical understanding of how a building is made.
  3. A keen interest in Architecture and Buildings.
  4. Understanding of Structural systems and MEP.
  5. Clear and crisp communication skills.
  6. Expertise in Revit or Vectorworks (Preferably both).
  7. Teaching skill required to develop their expertise in other architects and designers.

Facility & Benefits:

Following facilities are provided to employees. Refer to our Human Resource Policy for more details

1) Women with kids who want to work part-time from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm are also welcome to apply.

2) The company provides pickup and drop services between office and Chhaterpur metro station.

3) 6 days working, Second Saturday of every month is off.

4) Extracurricular activities: Zumba Class.

5) Over time compensation as per industry standards.

Refer the careers page for more details.

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